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attention noun
إِمْعَان, عِنَايَة, اهْتِمَام, الْتِفَات
Example sentences of
attention noun
  • We focused our attention on this particular poem.
  • My attention wasn't really on the game.
  • You need to pay more attention in school.
  • She likes all the attention she is getting from the media.
  • The actor avoids drawing attention to himself.
  • The book has received national attention.
  • The trial is getting a lot of public attention.
  • The children were competing for the teacher's attention.
  • A cat on a leash is sure to attract attention.
  • I would like to call your attention to a problem we are having.
attention interjection
انْتَبِهْ!, أَصْغِ!
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