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arrival noun
وُصُول, وِفَادَة
رِحْلَة قَادِمَة (فِي الْمَطَار أَو الْمَحَطَّة)
Example sentences of
arrival noun
  • The flight's estimated time of arrival is 11:30.
  • When is the mail scheduled for arrival?
  • They track the number of airport arrivals and departures.
  • They were late arrivals at the party.
  • They are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their wedding day.
  • the changes that occur with the arrival of spring
  • the arrival of new technology
  • They were awaiting the arrival of guests.
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arrival noun
Reverse translation for

رِحْلَة قَادِمَة
 (فِي الْمَطَار أَو الْمَحَطَّة)