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advanced adjective
Example sentences of
advanced adjective
  • The school has courses for elementary, intermediate, and advanced students.
  • The book explains both basic and advanced techniques.
  • The system has many advanced features.
  • The disease is in an advanced stage.
Synonyms of
advanced adjective
advance verb
advanced, has advanced, is advancing, advances
أَقْبَلَ, مَضَى, خَطَا, زَحَفَ
تَقَدَّمَ, طَوَّرَ
نَمَى, نَمَّى, أَنْمَى
رَقِيَ, رَقَّى, تَرَقَّى, ارْتَقَى
Example sentences of
advance verb
  • The car advanced slowly down the street.
  • The sun slowly advanced across the sky.
  • She opened the door and advanced cautiously into the room.
  • Clocks are advanced by one hour when daylight saving time begins.
  • The film is advanced by an electric motor.
  • The team advanced the ball steadily down the field.
  • Our understanding of this disease has advanced rapidly in recent years.
  • The team did not advance beyond the first round of the play-offs.
  • The company tries to keep up with advancing technology.
  • As he advanced in age and stature he advanced in knowledge.