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address noun
Example sentences of
address noun
  • Write your name, address, and phone number here.
  • We listened to the President's inaugural address on the radio.
  • She was asked to give a formal address at the ceremony.
Synonyms of
address noun
address verb
addressed, has addressed, is addressing, addresses
وَجَّهَ, كَلَّمَ
خَاطَبَ, عَنْوَنَ
Example sentences of
address verb
  • One of the characters addresses the audience directly throughout the play.
  • She ignored most of the people at the table, addressing only the man who was sitting next to her.
  • We spent the afternoon addressing invitations to all our friends.
  • The letter was returned because it had been addressed incorrectly.
  • The package is sealed; it just needs to be addressed.
  • I've addressed the letter, but it still needs a stamp.
  • Most of the speaker's remarks were addressed to those with experience in the industry.
  • Before the awards were given, the mayor addressed the crowd.