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abandoned adjective
مَهْجُور, مَخْذُول
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An abandoned house
Example sentences of
abandoned adjective
  • He led a reckless and abandoned life and died young.
  • she consciously avoided walking past the abandoned house, with its broken windows and sagging porch
Synonyms of
abandoned adjective
abandon verb
abandoned, has abandoned, is abandoning, abandons
تَنَازَلَ, تَخَلَّى, تَرَكَ, فَرَّطَ
هَجَرَ, خَذَلَ, خَاذَلَ
Example sentences of
abandon verb
  • They abandoned the car on a back road.
  • That house was abandoned years ago.
  • The approaching fire forced hundreds of people to abandon their homes.
  • The officer refused to abandon his post.
  • The policy abandons the most vulnerable members of society.
  • She abandoned the party not long after the election.