3 Translation results for: a bomb
bomb noun
قُنْبُلَة, قَذِيفَة
Example sentences of
bomb noun
  • A bomb went off downtown.
  • Many bombs were dropped on the city during the war.
  • They hid a bomb in the building.
قُنْبُلَة نَوَوِيَّة, قُنْبُلَة ذَرِّيَّة
bomb verb
bombed, has bombed, is bombing, bombs
Example sentences of
bomb verb
  • The city was heavily bombed during the war.
  • The planes flew 200 miles to bomb their target.
  • The movie bombed at the box office.
  • The team was bombed at the tournament.
  • The play bombed on Broadway.
  • He bombed at his first performance.
  • I completely bombed my math exam.
  • A car was bombing down the highway.