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id noun
هُوَ, هِيَ: الجَانِب الشُّعُورِيّ مِن النَّفْس الّذِي يُعْتَبَر مَصْدَر الطّاقَة الغَرِيزِيَّة
ID verb
مَيَّزَ, شَخَّصَ
Example sentences of
ID verb
  • The police have not yet ID'd the victim.
  • studies that show that eyewitnesses are surprisingly unreliable when called upon to ID the perpetrators of crimes
ID acronym
بِطَاقَة هُوِيَّة
Example sentences of
ID acronym
  • The guard insisted that we show him our ID's.
كَانَ لَدَيّ
كُنْتُ قبل الفعل، اختصار ل- I should، I would
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