2 Translation results for: yield
yield verb
yielded, has yielded, is yielding, yields
نَوَّلَ, أَسْفَرَ, أَنْتَجَ, أَثْمَرَ
انْصَاعَ, تَنَازَلَ
Example sentences of
yield verb
  • The apple trees yielded an abundant harvest.
  • This soil should yield good crops.
  • The seeds yield a rich oil.
  • New methods have yielded promising results in the field.
  • The studies yielded clear evidence.
  • The tax is expected to yield millions.
  • The bond yields seven percent annually.
  • After several hours of debate, the opposition yielded.
  • I yield the floor to the Senator from Maine.
  • I yield to the Senator.
yield noun
Example sentences of
yield noun
  • Our yield of wheat increased this year.
  • The average yield per tree is about one bushel.
  • The yield on government bonds is currently seven percent.