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transfer noun
تَحْوِيل, نَقْل
Example sentences of
transfer noun
  • If you want to arrange a transfer of funds, you need to have proof of identification.
  • They arranged for a transfer of the prisoner to a different prison.
  • a material that reduces heat transfer
  • speeding up data transfer between computers
  • We are doing everything possible to ensure a smooth transfer to the new system.
  • a transfer by deed or will
  • a transfer to the home office
  • My overseas transfer has been approved.
  • We switched to another car, and the transfer only took a few minutes.
Synonyms of
transfer noun
transfer verb
transferred, has transferred, is transferring, transfers
Example sentences of
transfer verb
  • We transferred the baby's car seat to the other car.
  • The patient was transferred to a different hospital.
  • He transferred my call to another line.
  • The virus is transferred by mosquitoes.
  • transfer data on the hard drive to a disk
  • He transferred control of the company to his son.
  • She was able to transfer her organizational skills to her new job.
  • Her skills transferred well to her new job.
Synonyms of
transfer verb