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suspect noun
Example sentences of
suspect noun
  • One suspect has been arrested.
  • She is a possible suspect in connection with the kidnapping.
  • The prime suspect for the food poisoning is the potato salad.
suspect verb
suspected, has suspected, is suspecting, suspects
Example sentences of
suspect verb
  • He's suspected in four burglaries.
  • The police do not suspect murder in this case.
  • The fire chief suspects arson.
  • I suspect it will rain.
  • Call the doctor immediately if you suspect you've been infected.
  • The latest research confirms what scientists have long suspected.
  • I suspect she's not who she says she is.
  • “We haven't done our homework.” “I suspected as much.”
  • I suspected his motives in giving me the money.
  • I have reason to suspect her sincerity when she makes promises like that.