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send verb
sent, has sent, is sending, sends
بَعَثَ, ابْتَعَثَ, أَرْسَلَ, وَفَّدَ
قَذَفَ, نَفَّذَ, أَنْفَذَ
Example sentences of
send verb
  • Satellites receive signals in space and send them back to Earth.
  • When you write to him, please send him my very best wishes.
  • He became ill and was sent home from school.
  • She sent the kids to bed immediately after supper.
  • He was sent to prison for armed robbery.
  • The company sent me to the conference.
  • “There is a Ms. Jones here to see you.” “Send her in.”
  • He was sent on a secret mission.
  • They sent a limo to pick her up at the airport.
  • He asked us to send a taxi for him.
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send verb