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secure verb
secured, has secured, is securing, secures
Example sentences of
secure verb
  • We must secure the country's borders.
  • Secure your belongings under the seat.
  • secure a child safety seat
  • The seat is secured to the base by three screws.
  • She scored a goal to secure the team's victory.
  • She secured the zoo's future with a handsome bequest.
  • He secured a loan using his house as collateral.
secure adjective
Example sentences of
secure adjective
  • We need to make our network more secure against attacks by hackers.
  • The children were safe and secure in their beds.
  • A safe is provided to keep your valuables secure from potential thieves.
  • You should store your valuables in a secure place.
  • How secure is your front door?
  • You are now entering a secure area.
  • I'm feeling secure about my place in the company.
  • The company has established a secure foothold in the market.
  • He believes his job is secure.
  • They didn't begin to celebrate until they knew their victory was secure.
Synonyms of
secure adjective