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run verb
ran, has run, is running, runs
سَرَّعَ, عَجِلَ, عَجَّلَ
شَغَّلَ, أَدَارَ
Example sentences of
run verb
  • How fast can you run?
  • He runs faster than anyone else on the team.
  • She ran up the stairs to get her jacket.
  • We ran for the train—but missed it.
  • I heard her scream and ran to help.
  • She ran to me for help.
  • The dog ran away from me.
  • The dog ran toward me.
  • When I called the dog, he came running.
  • Don't expect me to come running every time you want something. I'm not your servant.
  • We ran for the train-but missed it.
run noun
Example sentences of
run noun
  • He goes for a six-mile run every evening.
  • She took the dogs out for a run.
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run noun
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