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protest noun
احْتِجَاج, مُعَارَضَة, اعْتِرَاض
مُظَاهَرَة, تَظَاهُرَة
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Example sentences of
protest noun
  • He heard protests from the crowd.
  • She told him to go to bed despite his protests that he wasn't tired.
  • There were cries of protest when the verdict was announced.
  • The suspect surrendered his gun without protest.
  • She was so upset by their decision that she resigned in protest.
  • The students launched a protest against the tuition increase.
Synonyms of
protest noun
protest verb
protested, has protested, is protesting, protests
Example sentences of
protest verb
  • The victim's family protested at the judge's sentence.
  • There is no use protesting. I will not change my mind.
  • The coach protested the referee's call.
  • The decision was protested by dozens of people.
  • Students protested at the civil rights rally.
  • They were protesting against the death penalty.
  • Peace activists protested the war.
  • She protested that the law was unfair.
  • “But I'm innocent!” he protested.