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protect verb
protected, has protected, is protecting, protects
دَافَعَ, وَقَى, حَامَى, نَافَحَ
حَفِظَ, صَانَ
حَافَظَ, حَرَزَ
خَفَرَ, خَفَّرَ
تَحَوَّطَ, احْتَاطَ, حَاطَ
ظَلَّلَ, أَجَارَ, احْتَفَظَ
Example sentences of
protect verb
  • He had no raincoat to protect himself from the rain.
  • She keeps her jewelry protected in a safe.
  • You have to protect your business against fraud.
  • New laws have been passed to protect your privacy.
  • The forest is protected by federal law.
  • The high taxes on imported goods are intended to protect domestic producers.
  • Sunscreen helps to protect against sunburn.
  • The insurance protects you against flooding.
  • The insurance does not protect against damage caused by earthquakes.
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protect verb