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position noun
مَوْقِف, وَقْفَة
وَضْعَة, مَوْقِع, مَقَام, مَكَانَة
مَنْصِب, وَظِيفَة
Example sentences of
position noun
  • From this position, you can see all of New York City's skyline.
  • Actors, please assume your positions. The show is about to begin.
  • The child fell asleep in a sitting position.
  • I was in an uncomfortable position and had to move.
  • I was uncomfortable, so I shifted position.
  • Return your seat to an upright position for landing.
position verb
positioned, has positioned, is positioning, positions
أَقَامَ, وَضَعَ
Example sentences of
position verb
  • He positioned the chairs around the table.
  • The company is positioning itself to take advantage of a new market.
  • The shortstop was positioned well to make the play.
  • She positioned herself by the door.