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leap noun
Example sentences of
leap noun
  • She made a graceful leap into the air.
  • He ran and took a flying leap over the stream.
  • He won the high jump with a leap of six feet.
  • the leap from childhood to adulthood
  • She has shown great leaps in ability.
  • Technology has taken a great leap forward.
  • It required a leap of the imagination to picture how the project would look when it was completed.
leap verb
leaped, has leaped, is leaping, leaps
Example sentences of
leap verb
  • The cat suddenly leaped into the air.
  • Fish were leaping out of the water.
  • He leaped off the bridge.
  • The boys leaped over the stream.
  • The horse leaped the stone wall.
  • When the alarm went off, she leapt out of bed.
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