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information noun
نَبَأ, خَبَر
مَعْلُومَات, اسْتِعْلَامَات, إِعْلَام
إِفَادَات, بَلَاغ, تَحْدِيث
Example sentences of
information noun
  • They're working to collect information about the early settlers in the region.
  • The pamphlet provides a lot of information on recent changes to the tax laws.
  • He gave the police false information about his background.
  • The conference will give us an opportunity to exchange information with other researchers.
  • We can't make a decision until we have more information.
  • The tests have not yet uncovered any new information.
  • I don't like having to reveal personal information when I fill in a job application.
  • He's accused of withholding useful information.
  • I couldn't remember his number so I had to call information.