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have verb
had, has had, is having, has
امْتَلَكَ, مَلَكَ, تَضَمَّنَ, احْتَوَى, حَوَى
حَازَ, احْتَازَ
اضْطُرّ, تَعَيَّنَ عَلَيْهِ
فِعْل مُسَاعِد بِمَعْنَى لَقَد، قَد، هَل
Example sentences of
have verb
  • Do they have a new car?
  • You can have it until I get back.
  • She has a red bike, and I have a blue one.
  • She got another part-time job and now she has two jobs.
  • I'm looking for the newspaper. Do you have it?
  • He had the newspaper right in his hand.
  • I used to have a necklace like that, but I lost it.
  • She used to share a room with her sister, but now she has her own room.
  • Have they got a new car?
  • We've got things to do.