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flutter noun
اضْطِرَاب, هَيَجَان, رَفْرَفَة
Example sentences of
flutter noun
  • With a flutter of wings, the birds settled into the nest.
  • The flutter of the flame cast shadows on the ceiling.
  • He was in a flutter until he found his keys.
  • The news of her resignation caused quite a flutter.
  • have a flutter on a horse in the second race
Synonyms of
flutter noun
flutter verb
fluttered, has fluttered, is fluttering, flutters
Example sentences of
flutter verb
  • The bird was fluttering its wings.
  • The bird's wings were fluttering.
  • We watched the butterflies fluttering in the garden.
  • Leaves fluttered to the ground.
  • The breeze made the curtains flutter.
  • The breeze fluttered the curtains.
  • She fluttered her eyelashes at him.
  • She nervously fluttered around the office.
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