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fire noun
شُعْلَة, وَقْدَة, وَهَج
Example sentences of
fire noun
  • Stay away from the fire.
  • The shack was destroyed by a fire.
  • Two people died in that terrible fire.
  • How did the fire start?
  • We warmed our hands over the fire.
  • She built a fire in the fireplace.
  • The fire went out and he had to light it again.
Synonyms of
fire noun
fire verb
fired, has fired, is firing, fires
حَرَّقَ, أَحْرَقَ
وَرَّى, أَوْرَى, وَرَى
أَقَالَ, فَصَلَ, سَرَّحَ, أَطْلَقَ
Example sentences of
fire verb
  • She fired the arrow at the target.
  • He fired several shots at the police.
  • She had to fire several workers.
  • He fired at the police.
  • The soldiers fired on the enemy.
  • The shortstop fired the ball to first base.
  • The angry mob fired rocks at him.
  • The boxer fired a left jab at his opponent's chin.
  • The story fired his imagination.
  • The gun failed to fire.
Synonyms of
fire verb
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