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favor noun
إِنْعَام, نِعْمَة, فَضْل
رِضْوَان, مِنَّة, مَعْرُوف
عَطْف, تَأْيِيد
Example sentences of
favor noun
  • I drove her to the airport because I owed her a favor.
  • She's willing to help you but only as a favor to me.
  • Don't do me any favors. I don't need your help.
  • I've learned to be grateful for small favors.
  • He's trying to earn the boss's favor by working late.
  • The judge showed favor for the defendant.
  • The students naturally showed favor toward their own school's team.
  • Small boxes of candy were given out as favors at the wedding.
favor verb
favored, has favored, is favoring, favors
خَصَّ, عَطَفَ
اخْتَصَّ, فَضَّلَ, أَيَّدَ
Example sentences of
favor verb
  • The teacher clearly favors you.
  • Most voters favor these tax cuts.
  • Her father favored the idea of her going to law school.
  • They won the championship last year, and most forecasters favor them to win again this year.
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favor verb
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