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faint verb
fainted, has fainted, is fainting, faints
Example sentences of
faint verb
  • He always faints at the sight of blood.
  • She almost fainted from the pain.
  • She suffers from fainting spells.
faint adjective
ضَعِيف, كَلِيل
بَاهِت, شَاحِب
Example sentences of
faint adjective
  • We heard a faint noise.
  • We noticed the faint glow of a distant light.
  • There was a faint smile on her lips.
  • There's just a faint chance that the weather will improve by tomorrow.
  • I'd better lie down; I feel faint.
  • She felt faint from hunger.
  • a faint reminder of their former greatness
Synonyms of
faint adjective