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desire verb
desired, has desired, is desiring, desires
رَغِبَ, طَمَعَ, حَرَصَ
أَهْوَى, رَضِيَ, تَاقَ, نَزَعَ
شَاَقَ, شَوَّقَ, تَشَوَّقَ, اشْتَاقَ
شَهَا, تَشَهَّى, اشْتَهَى
بَغَى, ابْتَغَى
Example sentences of
desire verb
  • He desired her approval more than anything.
  • The apartment has modern amenities, a great location—everything you could desire.
  • She knew that men still desired her.
  • The apartment has modern amenities, a great location-everything you could desire.
Synonyms of
desire verb
desire noun
رَغْبَة, حَاجَة, وَلُوع, خَاطِر, بُغْيَة
أُمْنِيَّة, مُنْيَة, مَطْمَع, لَهْفَة
هَوًى, وِدّ, حَنِين, شَوْق
حِرْص, شَهْوَة
Example sentences of
desire noun
  • Desire is a common theme is music and literature.
  • The magazine tries to attend to the needs and desires of its readers.
  • Both sides feel a real desire for peace.
  • His decisions are guided by his desire for land.
  • They expressed a desire to go with us.
  • They have a desire to have children.
  • a strong desire to travel around the world
  • He was overcome with desire for her.