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cover noun
غِطَاء, تَغْطِيَة
سِتْر, سِتَارَة
حِجَاب, قَمِيص, غِشَاء
لِفَافَة, مِلَفّ, غِلَاف
دِثَار, بَطَّانِيَّة
قِشْر, قِشْرَة
Example sentences of
cover noun
  • She placed a cover over the pan so that the oil wouldn't spatter.
  • I put a cover on the sofa to protect it.
  • I lifted the cover of the box and peaked inside.
  • There's a picture of the author on the book's back cover.
  • The singer is posing in jeans and cowboy boots on the album cover.
Synonyms of
cover noun
cover verb
covered, has covered, is covering, covers
غَطَّى, سَتَرَ
طَبَّقَ, أَطْبَقَ
لَفَّ, لَبَّسَ, أَلْبَسَ
دَجَّلَ, غَلَّفَ, جَلَّلَ, فَرَشَ, دَثَّرَ
Example sentences of
cover verb
  • The gardener covered the soil with mulch.
  • The furniture had been covered in a protective cloth.
  • We covered the stains on the wall with a fresh coat of paint.
  • You should cover your mouth when you cough.
  • She covered her head with a scarf.
  • tables covered with white linen
  • Lakes cover much of the state.
  • The hikers covered long distances every day.
  • The bird may cover thousands of miles during its migration.
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