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continue verb
continued, has continued, is continuing, continues
وَاصَلَ, ظَلَّ, مَرَّ, اسْتَمَرَّ
تَمَادَى, دَامَ, دَاوَمَ, اسْتَدَامَ
Example sentences of
continue verb
  • The team will continue with their drills until the coach is satisfied with their performance.
  • The world's population continues to grow.
  • The traditions will continue only as long as the next generations keep them alive.
  • The good weather continued for several days.
  • The lecture continued for another hour after we left.
  • Exit the highway, take a right off the ramp, then continue down the street until you get to the first traffic light.
  • Continue along this path until you come to the end.
  • The plot gets more and more intricate as the story continues.