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command verb
commanded, has commanded, is commanding, commands
أَمَرَ, فَرَضَ, افْتَرَضَ, وَجَّبَ, أَوْجَبَ
أَشَارَ, أَوْصَى
تَمَكَّنَ, تَضَلَّعَ
Example sentences of
command verb
  • She commanded us to leave.
  • Military leaders commanded the troops to open fire.
  • She commanded that work on the bridge cease immediately.
  • We had no choice but to do as they commanded.
  • He commands a platoon of 60.
  • With his skills and experience, he can command a high salary.
  • The company commands much power and influence in the business world.
command noun
أَمْر, فَرْض, وَصِيَّة
سُلْطَة, قِيَادَة
Example sentences of
command noun
  • We are expected to obey his commands.
  • She shouted out commands to the crew.
  • She was in command of her emotions.
  • She speaks many languages and has a very good command of Japanese.
  • We started to teach the dog simple commands like “sit” and “lie down.”
  • He was relieved of his command after being charged with misconduct.
  • The system recognizes voice commands.
  • Who is the officer in command of the unit?
  • You can perform several actions with keyboard commands.
  • I assumed command of the business after my father's death.
  • He immediately took command of the situation.
  • He finally felt in command of his life.