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bring verb
brought, has brought, is bringing, brings
أَوْرَدَ, آتَى, نَوَّلَ, وَافَى
حَضَّرَ, أَحْضَرَ, اسْتَحْضَرَ, جَلَبَ
Example sentences of
bring verb
  • “Should I send you a check?” “Why not just bring me the money when you come?”
  • Have you brought the money with you from the bank?
  • She brought her boyfriend home to meet her parents.
  • Love of adventure brought her here before taking her to many other places.
  • This radio station brings you all the news as it happens.
  • Can anything bring peace to this troubled region?
  • Having a baby has brought great happiness into her life.
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bring verb