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apply verb
applied, has applied, is applying, applies
قَدَّمَ طَلَبًا
اسْتَخْدَمَ, اسْتَعْمَلَ
انْطَبَقَ عَلَى
خَصَّصَ لِغَرَض
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Applying a layer of oil to protect the wood
Example sentences of
apply verb
  • For further information, apply to the address below.
  • I applied in writing to several different companies.
  • You must have a high school diploma for this job. High school dropouts need not apply.
  • After applying a thin layer of paint to the wall and letting it dry, apply another coat.
  • We applied the ointment to the cut.
  • I washed my face and applied fresh makeup.
  • Fertilizer was applied to the lawn every two weeks.
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apply verb