11 Translation results for: فارق
فَارِق اسم
distinctive characteristic, criterion
فَرَقَ فعل
to separate, part
to distinguish
أَرِقَ فعل
to lose sleep
أَرَقّ صيغة التفضيل
more delicate
رَقِيَ فعل
to ascend
to climb
to advance, be promoted
أَرَاقَ فعل
to pour out
to shed, spill
أَرَق اسم
insomnia, sleeplessness
فَارَقَ فعل
to withdraw, leave, quit
أَرَّقَ فعل
to keep awake, deprive sleep
رَقَّى فعل
to promote, advance
رَاقَ فعل
to be clear, be pure
to surpass, excel
to please, delight