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way noun
طَرِيق, سَبِيل, طُرْقَة, مَحَجَّة, دَرْب
شَكْل, شَاكِلَة, صِفَة, نَمْط
طَرِيقَة, أُسْلُوب, وَتِيرَة, مِنْهَاج, نَوْل, مِنْوَال, هَدْيَة
وَجْه, نَحْو, مَنْزَع
Example sentences of
way noun
  • We'll try doing it your way first.
  • Let me explain it this way.
  • You can pay for your purchase in one of two ways: by cash or by credit card.
  • Which door is the way in?
  • The back way was blocked.
  • This door is the only way out of the room.