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value noun
قِيمَة, قَدْر, ثَمَن, حَسَب
Example sentences of
value noun
  • The company's stock continues to decline in value.
  • Real estate prices have doubled in value over the last decade.
  • The difference in value between the two currencies is not significant.
  • You may exchange the item for something of equal value.
  • We sold the home for less than its full value.
  • an increase in the value of the dollar
  • Property values tend to rise as interest rates fall.
  • The store advertises great values.
  • No one can deny the value of a good education.
  • The home has a value of $1,000,000.
value verb
valued, has valued, is valuing, values
Example sentences of
value verb
  • She values the time she spends with her family.
  • The items are highly valued by collectors.
  • The herbs are valued for their medicinal properties.
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