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support noun
مُسَاعَدَة, رِفْد, نَجْدَة, عَضْد, نُصْرَة, سَنَد
رُكْن, رَكِيزَة, مِسْنَد, قِوَام, رَافِدَة, دِعَامَة
Example sentences of
support noun
  • The team gets a lot of support from its fans.
  • I'd like to thank my parents for all of their love and support over the years.
  • He depended on his wife for emotional support.
  • He applied for financial support from the state.
  • the company's friendly support staff
  • Inspectors found that some of the bridge's supports were weak.
  • She used my arm as a support and limped to the chair.
  • These sneakers are designed to give your feet extra support.
Synonyms of
support noun
support verb
supported, has supported, is supporting, supports
أَيَّدَ, سَنَدَ, سَنَّدَ, سَانَدَ, دَعَمَ, نَاصَرَ
آزَرَ, ظَاهَرَ, سَاعَفَ, عَضَدَ
Example sentences of
support verb
  • I completely support your decision to stay.
  • She no longer supports the war.
  • The senator says that he supports the proposed legislation.
  • Which presidential candidate do you support?
  • The study is supported by the American Medical Association.
  • The country's citizens were asked to support the war effort.
  • Her friends supported her by signing her petition.
  • The charity supports needy families.
  • Bombers were called in to support the ground troops.
  • The planet's atmosphere cannot support human life.
Synonyms of
support verb