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suffer verb
suffered, has suffered, is suffering, suffers
لَقِيَ, تَحَمَّلَ, احْتَمَلَ, مُنِيَ
عَانَى, كَابَدَ, تَكَبَّدَ, قَاسَى
أَلِمَ, تَأَلَّمَ, تَعَذَّبَ, مَضَّ
شَكَا, تَشَكَّى, اشْتَكَى
تَجَوَّزَ, تَجَلَّدَ
Example sentences of
suffer verb
  • He died instantly and did not suffer.
  • He suffered a heart attack and died instantly.
  • She suffered an injury during the game.
  • We suffered a great deal during the war.
  • I hate to see a child suffer.
  • She suffered through another one of their long visits.
  • The team suffered a defeat in the play-offs.
  • Their relationship suffered because of her work.