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grace noun
وَسَامَة, أَنَاقَة, رَوْنَق, جَمَال, حُسْن
فَضْل, مِنَّة, نِعْمَة, مَعْرُوف
صَلَاة تُقَال قَبْلَ الأَكْل
Example sentences of
grace noun
  • She walked across the stage with effortless grace.
  • She handles her problems with grace and dignity.
  • He has shown remarkable grace during this crisis.
  • She is quite lovable despite her lack of social graces.
  • Let us give thanks for God's grace.
  • By the grace of God, no one was seriously hurt.
  • She tried to live her life in God's grace.
Synonyms of
grace noun
grace verb
graced, has graced, is gracing, graces
Example sentences of
grace verb
  • Several marble statues grace the courtyard.
  • I hope that you will grace our gathering with your presence.
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