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want verb
wanted, has wanted, is wanting, wants
أَحَبَّ, وَدَّ
أَرَادَ, رَغِبَ, شَاءَ, حَرَصَ
Example sentences of
want verb
  • I want a bicycle for my birthday.
  • He wants a bicycle for his birthday.
  • I just wanted a chance to rest.
  • She wanted more time to finish the test.
  • Do you want anything from the store?
  • What do you want for Christmas?
  • You can choose whichever color you want.
  • The motor wants a tune-up.
  • Thousands of poor people still want food and shelter.
  • Tell him that the teacher wants him.
  • Do you want more coffee?
Synonyms of
want verb
want noun
حَاجَة, عَوَز, عَازَة
Example sentences of
want noun
  • His attitude shows a want of proper respect.
  • He is suffering from want of adequate sleep.
  • people who are living in want