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vote noun
تَصْوِيت, اقْتِرَاع, نَخْب, انْتِخَاب
Example sentences of
vote noun
  • They are counting the votes now.
  • There are 20 votes in favor and 12 against.
  • He got 56 percent of the votes.
  • She's campaigning hard to raise money and win votes.
  • People waited in line to cast their votes.
  • I cast my vote for the Republican candidate.
  • The vote was in her favor.
  • She won by a vote of 206 to 57.
  • In 1920, American women won the vote.
  • The candidate won only 10 percent of the vote.
Synonyms of
vote noun
vote verb
voted, has voted, is voting, votes
نَخَبَ, انْتَخَبَ, صَوَّتَ, اقْتَرَعَ
Example sentences of
vote verb
  • Citizens will vote today for their new governor.
  • Did you vote in the last election?
  • The committee hasn't yet voted on the matter.
  • Congress voted 121 to 16 to pass the bill.
  • He voted against the proposal.
  • They voted the referendum into law.
  • Senators voted themselves a pay raise despite the budget shortfall.
  • We have to decide what to do about dinner. I vote that we get a pizza.
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