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view noun
نَظَر, مَنْظَر
رَأْي, رُؤْيَة, مَرْأًى
مَشْهَد, مَظْهَر, حَسْب, ظَنّ
Example sentences of
view noun
  • The views expressed herein are strictly those of the author.
  • There is no evidence to support that view.
  • The ship slowly sailed out of view.
  • The ship disappeared from view.
  • You're blocking my view.
view verb
viewed, has viewed, is viewing, views
نَظَرَ, شَاهَدَ, تَفَرَّجَ
Example sentences of
view verb
  • The building is most impressive when viewed from the front.
  • A medical examiner is now viewing the evidence.
  • The program was viewed by millions of people.
  • Different people view this problem in different ways.
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