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training noun
Example sentences of
training noun
  • The job requires special training.
  • She owes her flexibility to her early training as a dancer.
  • He received training in first aid.
  • a young doctor who's still in training
  • She's in training for the Olympics.
train verb
trained, has trained, is training, trains
Example sentences of
train verb
  • He was never formally trained as a chef.
  • I've been trained in first aid.
  • I'm training her to take over my job when I retire.
  • My boss is training me on the new equipment.
  • We need to train more nurses.
  • They are highly trained professionals.
  • I'm training to be a nurse.
  • I trained at that hospital.
  • He's training as a chef.
  • She had to train her mind to think scientifically.