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thinking noun
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thinking noun
  • Form your own opinions: don't let others do your thinking for you!
  • I've been doing some thinking about this, and I don't think you're right after all.
  • The school's curriculum encourages independent thinking.
  • A piece of quick thinking got us out of trouble.
  • I'd like to know your thinking on this.
  • What is the current thinking on the subject?
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think verb
thought, has thought, is thinking, thinks
حَسِبَ, فَكَّرَ, ظَنَّ, اعْتَقَدَ
تَرَأَّى, خَالَ
Responsive image
A woman is thinking.
Example sentences of
think verb
  • We may finish sooner than you think.
  • You should relax and try to think pleasant thoughts.
  • I was just thinking what it would be like to be a doctor.
  • I dread to think how he will react.
  • Why do you always think the worst?
  • Just think how nice it would be to live here.
  • Just think—in two days we'll be on vacation, lying on the beach.
  • I think that you can do it.