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survey verb
surveyed, has surveyed, is surveying, surveys
أَحْصَى, مَسَحَ
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The man is surveying the damage done to the car.
Example sentences of
survey verb
  • A total of 250 city residents were surveyed about the project.
  • 64 percent of the people surveyed said that the economy was doing well.
  • The teacher surveyed the room.
  • People were surveying the damage after the storm.
  • Engineers surveyed the property to see what could be built on it.
survey noun
Example sentences of
survey noun
  • The survey found some surprising tendencies among the population.
  • We conducted an opinion survey on the issue and found that most people agree.
  • a survey on American drinking habits
  • Surveys of each department were conducted earlier this year.
  • A survey of recent corporate layoffs reveals a new trend in business management.
  • A new land survey changed the borders of their property.