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stretch verb
stretched, has stretched, is stretching, stretches
مَدَّ, مَغَطَ, مَطَلَ
امْتَدَّ, تَمَدَّدَ, انْبَسَطَ
Example sentences of
stretch verb
  • Don't yank on my sweater. You'll stretch it.
  • The elastic waistband of my pants won't stretch any more.
  • It's important to stretch before you exercise.
  • The baby stretched and yawned.
  • She woke up and stretched her arms above her head.
  • She stretched over us to open the window.
  • She stretched her hand toward him.
  • She stretched the canvas over the wooden frame.
  • The T-shirt was stretched tight over his belly.
  • A big banner was stretched across the doorway.
Synonyms of
stretch verb