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steer verb
steered, has steered, is steering, steers
وَجَّهَ, قَادَ
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Steering a riverboat
Example sentences of
steer verb
  • She steered the ship through the strait.
  • He steered his car carefully into the parking space.
  • He steered the wheelchair through the aisles.
  • Skillful navigators can steer by the positions of the stars.
  • The car was steering right at us.
  • The boat steered out to sea.
  • He tried to steer the conversation away from his recent problems.
  • She skillfully steered the bill through the legislature.
  • He steered the team to another championship last year.
  • The high recent returns on stocks have steered many investors away from bonds.
steer noun
تَوْجِيه, مَعْلُومَات
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steer noun