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start verb
started, has started, is starting, starts
بَدَأَ, ابْتَدَأَ, اسْتَهَلَّ, شَرَعَ
أَخَذَ, حَرَّكَ, اسْتَفْتَحَ
Example sentences of
start verb
  • They started clearing land for the new housing development.
  • He started studying music at the age of five.
  • As soon as you're ready to play, we'll start.
  • Let's start with some warm-up exercises.
  • He deleted what he wrote and started fresh.
  • Olympic athletes start young and train hard.
  • I started the quilt last month.
  • Have you started your book report?
  • We started the meeting at 6:30.
  • She started the meeting with a brief review of the previous meeting.