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sight noun
نَظَر, نَظْرَة, مَنْظَر
مَرْأًى, مَظْهَر, مَشْهَد, بَصَر
Example sentences of
sight noun
  • She regained sight in her left eye.
  • The officers were ordered to shoot on sight.
  • Keep out of sight until I tell you it's OK to come out.
  • The child wandered out of sight.
  • Don't let the puppy out of your sight.
  • The rabbit disappeared from sight into the tall grass.
  • The controls are hidden from sight behind a panel.
Synonyms of
sight noun
sight verb
sighted, has sighted, is sighting, sights
رَأَى, شَاهَدَ, لَاحَظَ
Example sentences of
sight verb
  • They sighted a ship in the distance.
  • Several bears have been sighted in the area.
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