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show noun
تَمْثِيل, حَفْلَة
Example sentences of
show noun
  • She was the star of the show.
  • The band always puts on a good show.
  • The show of his early paintings was a great success.
Synonyms of
show noun
Related phrases for
show verb
showed, has shown, is showing, shows
أَرَى, شَوَّفَ
عَرَضَ, أَظْهَرَ, أَشَارَ, بَيَّنَ, بَرَّزَ
ظَهَرَ, بَدَا, لَاحَ, جَهَرَ
Example sentences of
show verb
  • You have to show your tickets at the gate.
  • You're the only person that I've shown this letter to.
  • They showed the theory to be faulty.
  • You will have to show me how to play the game.
  • He showed them a card trick.
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