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seize verb
seized, has seized, is seizing, seizes
احْتَجَزَ, اعْتَقَلَ, أَسَرَ
دَاهَمَ, صَادَرَ, اسْتَوْلَى
Example sentences of
seize verb
  • The bank seized their property.
  • The army has seized control of the city.
  • A rebel group attempted to seize power.
  • He suddenly seized the lead in the final lap of the race.
  • He seized her by the arm.
  • He tried to seize the gun from him.
  • She was seized by kidnappers and carried off to a hidden location.
  • He seized the chance to present his ideas to his boss.
  • Seizing the moment, she introduced herself to the famous film director.