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scatter verb
scattered, has scattered, is scattering, scatters
بَعْثَرَ, نَثَرَ, فَرَّقَ, بَدَّدَ, شَتَّتَ
تَبَعْثَرَ, انْتَثَرَ, تَفَرَّقَ, تَوَزَّعَ
Responsive image
Leaves scattered by the wind
Example sentences of
scatter verb
  • The wind scattered the pile of leaves.
  • The marbles scattered across the floor.
  • She scattered the books on the table.
  • He scatters his toys all around the house.
Synonyms of
scatter verb
scatter noun
عَدَد قَلِيل مُبَعْثَر أَو مُتَنَاثِر
Example sentences of
scatter noun
  • played before only a scatter of spectators in that huge stadium