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record verb
recorded, has recorded, is recording, records
Example sentences of
record verb
  • Be sure to record all your business expenditures.
  • There are similar events all throughout recorded history.
  • The thermometer recorded 40 degrees below zero.
  • A seismograph is a device that measures and records the intensity of earthquakes.
  • Please record the television program for me.
  • He recorded the birthday party with his new video camera.
  • He just recorded his latest album.
  • The show is recorded in front of a live audience.
  • The band spent all night recording.
Synonyms of
record verb
record noun
تَسْجِيل, سِجِلّ
ضَبْط, قَيْد
رَقْم قِيَاسِيّ
Example sentences of
record noun
  • Unfortunately, there is no record of the transaction.
  • She has a good driving record.
  • The defendant does not have a record.
  • He holds the Olympic record for the shot put.
Synonyms of
record noun