2 Translation results for: range
range noun
نِطَاق, مَجَال, مَدًى
امْتِدَاد, مَرْمًى
حَيِّز, سِعَة
Example sentences of
range noun
  • He knew exactly how many head of cattle were turned out on the range that morning to graze.
  • I didn't know she had such a wide range of knowledge until I talked to her.
range verb
ranged, has ranged, is ranging, ranges
Example sentences of
range verb
  • The selection of food ranged from mild to very spicy.
  • Items on the menu range from American fare like hamburgers and hot dogs to Italian pasta dishes.
  • Grizzly bears range over a much smaller area than they once did.
  • The plant once ranged across the island.